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Wound Care Dressings & Composite Dressings

NuMed's specialized wound care dressings are effective cover dressings for protecting and speeding recovery of surgical incisions, skin tears, pressure ulcers, lacerations and donor sites. They may be applied to either infected or non-infected wounds and is available with a gentle adhesive border that will not tear the surrounding skin. The standard dressing is a combination of viscose and polyester fibers with a non-adhering polyethylene layer. These are designed for light levels of fluid absorption and can be used as wet or dry wound bandages.

It's breathable and highly absorbent. Please contact our friendly service team with any questions.

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Bordered Wound Dressing
NuMed Bordered Wound Dressing


A composite dressing that combines the benefits of a ventilated non-woven fabric top, a hypoallergenic adhesive for a gentle fixative border, with an absorbent non-adherent pad. The non adherent pad surface leaves the wound site undisturbed, reducing pain and wound trauma during dressing changes.