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Silver Alginate Dressing

With the same basic properties of our calcium alginate dressing, this silver alginate dressing adds an antibacterial function to the dressing with the sustained-release silver ions which counteract the effects of potential bacterial invasion. This includes a variety of bacteria strains, including E coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The silver alginate rope easily conforms to the shape of tunneling wounds, filling empty spaces and efficiently absorbing any blood or exudates. A soft gel is formed as the silver alginate bandage absorbs up to twenty times its weight in liquid while simultaneously providing a fast-healing, moist wound environment. This silver dressing is indicated for partial thickness burns, certain types of ulcerations and other post operative wounds. They may be kept in place for three days.

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calcium silver alginate
NuMed Silver Alginate Dressing


Soft, conformable wound dressings with a high mannuronic acid content. The silver impregnated alginate fibers, 1.5% w/w silver as silver calcium alginate per dressing, forms a gel when in contact with wound exudate or blood, which creates a moist wound healing environment.