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Hydrocolloid Dressings & Bandages

Hydrocolloid bandages are water and bacteria-proof and come in a choice of bordered or borderless. These waterproof bandages form a gel when absorbing wound exudates and leave a moist environment for accelerated healing.

Each hydrocolloid dressing contains hydrophilic granules that are laminated to a permeable polyurethane film. Antibacterial bandages such as these are ideal for treatment of wound sites caused by burns, ulcers, incisions, superficial blisters or chronically slow-healing abrasions/wounds. They're designed for easy application and pain-free removal. Contact our service team with all inquiries!

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hydrocolloid bordered dressing
NuMed Hydrocolloid Bordered Dressing

All the benefits of our NuMed Hydrocolloid Thin dressing with the addition of a gentle adhesive border. Also made from latex free, pressure sensitive hydrophilic granules laminated to a permeable, bacteria and waterproof polyurethane film backing. Hypoallergenic. Will not stick to the wound and makes removal pain free.