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Welcome to NuMed!

Our commitment: Quality Products, Cost Savings , Exceptional Service

Our approach to the Advanced Wound Care Market is simple; offer a high quality wound care product line, at a very competitive price. Providing benefits to both the healthcare provider as well as the patient.

In light of today's' economy and the importance to control healthcare costs, we keep a sharp eye on our production costs and overhead, enabling us to maintain our low pricing to you. We do not follow the policy of raising our prices only to give you a "deep discount", our prices shown are our real selling prices.

Business to Business Program

Under our Business-to-Business Program we offer our dressings in smaller, consumer packaging for those customers such as doctor's offices, nursing homes or wound care centers who use our products on an individual patient basis. Quantities per box can range from 5 to 100 pieces based on the type of dressing and are all displayed on our site.

We also offer many of our products in larger, bulk quantities of 480 to 720 pieces per case for those providers who service the needs of a greater volume of patients. Please contact our office for product availability and pricing on these dressings.

"Its a New Day in Wound Care"