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Selecting the ideal wound dressing

No single dressing is suitable for all types of wounds. Often a number of different types of dressings will be used during the healing process of a single wound.

NuMed Foam Dressings

Foam Dressings can be used for a wide range of wounds. Because of their absorptive ability, foam dressings are especially useful for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate production. Foam dressings may be used as a primary or secondary dressing.

NuMed Hydrocolloid Dressings

Hydrocolloid dressings provide a beneficial moist wound healing environment and stimulate the physiological healing process of the wound. Hydrocolloid dressings are occlusive, adhesive, and absorbent. They also diminish bacterial growth by lowering the pH of a wound.

NuMed Hydrogel Dressings

Hydrogel dressings are a unique and versatile category of advanced wound care dressings. Hydrogels can absorb or donate moisture to the wound, depending on the relative state of hydration of the tissue and the dressing. Hydrogels are often used to facilitate Autolytic debridement in necrotic wounds, but are also used to help maintain a moist wound healing environment in clean, granulating wounds.

NuMed Composite Dressings

Composite dressings are wound covers that combine physically distinct components into a single product to provide multiple functions, such as a bacterial barrier, absorption and adhesion. Usually, they are comprised of multiple layers and incorporate a semi- or non-adherent pad that covers the wound. They may also include an adhesive border of non-woven fabric tape or transparent film. They can function as either a primary or a secondary dressing on a wide variety of wounds and may be used with topical medications.

NuMed Alginate Dressings

Alginate dressings are absorbent wound dressings that may be used on multiple wound types, combined with other types of dressings to achieve different effects and their unique properties allow them to be used on a variety of patients. Alginates have the unique ability to absorb up to 20 times their weight in fluid. Some alginates contain a silver compound, which provides antimicrobial protection and may be considered for an infected wound.

NuMed Collagen Dressings
Our collagen dressings are made from a porous type 1, bovine collagen membrane that is similar in molecular
structure to the collagen found in the skin. The dressings consist of a fibrous network and our particles are
spherically designed to be sprinkled into the wound area and both conform to the shape of the wound bed.
Collagen dressings attract the cellular components necessary to stimulate the healing process. Both may be
used on infected and non-infected wounds and are super absorbent. Collagen Particles absorb 40 to 60 times
its weight in fluid and are non-adherent, maintaining a moist wound healing environment.