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Collagen Dressings and Particles
All of NuMed's collagen dressing products are made from a porous type 1, bovine collagen membrane that is similar in molecular structure to the collagen found in the skin. Our Collagen Dressing consists of a fibrous network and our Particles are spherically designed to be sprinkled into the wound area and both conform to the shape of the wound bed. Collagen dressings attract the cellular components necessary to stimulate the healing process. Both NuMed Collagen Dressing and NuMed Collage Particles may be used on infected and non-infected wounds and both are super absorbent. Collagen Particles absorb 40 to 60 times its weight in fluid. Conforming to the wound shape the collagen dressings are non-adherent and maintain a moist wound healing environment.

NuMed Collagen Dressing is currently available in two sizes: 2"x 2" and our Particles come in a convenient 1 gram vial. Collagen wound care has never been so effective as with a conformable dressing that can be worn up to 3 days, allow for pain-free removal and be selected for absorption of moderate to high levels of wound exudates.
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collagen bandage
NuMed Collagen Dressings


NuMed Collagen Dressings and Particles are made of a porous type 1, 100% bovine collagen, consisting of a fibrous collagen network similar to your skin, This creates a wound environment highly conducive for healing. NuMed Collagen Particles easily lay down a collagen matrix in the wound bed, attracting the cellular components necessary to stimulate the healing process.