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Alginate Dressing & Calcium Alginate Bandages

NuMed's Calcium Alginate Dressing is an ideal bandage for a number of specific wound types. This includes leg, venous, pressure and diabetic ulcers. The rope easily conforms to the shape of tunneling wounds filling empty spaces and effectively absorbing blood or exudate. Calcium alginate fibers come from brown seaweed (algae). These calcium alginate bandages easily conform to the shape of any wound cavity, filling in the empty spaces. An alginate dressing can absorb up to twenty times its weight in blood and exudates and can be left in place for as many as seven days. Removal is quick and easy and won't damage newly formed tissue. During the absorption process, a soft, gel-like covering is formed over the wound, providing an excellent, moist environment for fast healing. Autolytic debridement (removal of unhealthy tissue) is facilitated, which makes these dressings especially effective for use on partial-thickness, second-degree burns. They're also indicated for oozing oncology wounds.

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calcium alginate dressing
NuMed Calcium Alginate Dressing

Made of soft, natural calcium alginate fibers derived from brown seaweed. Designed to quickly absorb wound exudates, the dressing forms a gel-like covering over the wound site and conforms to the shape of the wound.